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An evaluation of fuel-reduction burning in the dry sclerophyll Wombat State Forest.

Reference Number: AA-01629 Views: 16576 Created: 28-02-2014 10:00 Last Updated: 11-03-2014 09:50 0 Rating/ Voters

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Title:An evaluation of fuel-reduction burning in the dry sclerophyll Wombat State Forest.
Author/s:Ari Wibowo
University/Institution:University of Melbourne
Abstract:"Each year, between one and three per cent of the total forested area in Victoria, is fuel-reduced as a part of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources' program to implement its overall fire protection policy. The dry sclerophyll Wombat State Forest has been fuel-reduced since the 1960's a practice considered important because of its susceptibility to fire and its highly flammable plant community. This thesis presents the results of an evaluation of fuel-reduction burning in the Wombat State Forest, commencing with a review of forest conditions, principles of fuel-reduction burning, to select an appropriate fire-behavior predication model, to identify time-intervals between successive burns and to evaluate the effects of fuel-reduction burning on forests. Historical data of wildfires were used to evaluate the effectiveness of fuel-reduction burning in limiting the number, area and losses from wildfires. Mulit-criteria analysis was then applied to select priority areas for fuel reduction burning. The fuel reduction burning program which is conducted every year during autumn and spring requires detailed planning and preparation, because it can only be carried out under certain prescriptions for weather, fuel and fire behavior. Depending on the extent and conditions of each area, either ground or aerial ignition is applied. Large areas ignited from the air often result in variations of fire behaviour and intensity that leave many un-burnt patches within the broad areas of burnt forest. In order to predict fire-behavior, comparisons were made between the Control Burning Meter. The McArthur Fire Danger Meter and the Fire Behavior Tables for Western Australia (the Red Book). From a study of small trial plots, it was shown that the fire behavior model incorporated in the Control Burning Meter for messmate-gum or silvertop forest type provided quite realistic predictions of low-intensity prescribed fires compared with predictions based on the McArthur Forest Fire Danger Meter and the Fire Behavior Tables for Western Australia. Since its inception, fuel-reduction burning in the Wombat State Forest has decreased the quantity of the litter and twigs, but it has had no significant effect on the quantity of humas and coarse fuels. This reduction of flammable fuels has reduced the potential for major fires and the study showed that a fuel-reduction burning cycle of less than five years is required to restrict the build up of fine fuels to acceptable levels. With regard to the impact of fuel-reduction burning, it was shown that it causes scorches on most trees, and that there is a significant relationship between scorch-height and tree diameter for the two dominant species, messmate (Eucalyptus obliqua L'Herit) and peppermint (E.radiata Sieb.ex.DC.) However, because of their different bark types, average scorch height was higher for messmate. Due to the considerable variation in the severity of fire seasons, hence in the frequency and severity of fire, no significant differences were detected in the number of wildfires and the extent of areas burnt, before and after the application of fuel-reduction burning in the Wombat State Forest. However, analysis of the historical fire data led to the conclusion that fuel-reduction burning has achieved its objective of limiting the severity of wildfires. Most of the wildfires occurred on areas that either had never been fuel-reduced or that had been fuel-reduced for more than five years. The costs of fuel-reduction burning have been relatively modest in comparison with the potential losses. Therefore, when properly planned and implemented, fuel-reduction burning is a valuable management tool for protecting forests and wider community values."
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