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The short-term impacts of timber harvesting on the jarrah forest avifauna

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Title:The short-term impacts of timber harvesting on the jarrah forest avifauna
Author/s:Michael D. Craig
University/Institution:University of Western Australia
Abstract:"The high rainfall area in the south-west of Australia has long been isolated from similarly wet areas in eastern and northern Australia. Consequently, a highly distinctive avifauna, with 11 endemic species and dozens of endemic subspecies, has evolved. The wheat belt, in the eastern part of the south-west, has been mostly cleared for agriculture and the avifauna of that area has greatly declined. This decline has emphasised the importance of the southwest forests, lying in the western part of the region, in the conservation of the south-west's distinctive avifauna. The forests cover nearly 2.5 million hectares (about 7.1% of Australia's remaining forest) of which over half is available for timber production and currently about 18 000 hectares of forest are harvested annually. Despite the conservation significance of these forests, and the potential for conflict for timber production and fauna conservation, there have been very few investigations of current timber harvesting practices on the avifauna of the south-west forests. This study analyses the impact of current harvesting practices on bird communities in the jarrah forest, the main forest type in the southwest. This study forms part of a larger project, initiated by the Department of Conservation and Land Management (Burrows et al. 1993), investigating the impacts of timber harvesting on flora and fauna in medium and low rainfall jarrah forest. Currently jarrah forests provide most of the timber extracted from southwest forests. This thesis has three main elements: (1) A BACI design experiment which investigated the impact of four logging treatments, (i) no timber harvesting, (ii) gaps where 95% of tree basal area is removed, (iii) shelterwood where 40-60% of tree basal area is removed and (iv) unlogged buffer strips between gaps, on bird community structure and the abundance of individual species. (2) An investigation of the relationship between bird distributions and abundances and the structural and floristics features of the forest to determine whether logging practices could be modified to maintain certain structural and floristic features. (3) Ecological investigations of four individual bird species to determine why these species increased or declined after logging. Timber harvesting caused a significant decrease in the overall density of birds. Twenty eight species were abundant enough to be analysed and of these 6 decreased significantly, 4 increased significantly and 18 showed no significant change in abundance. Retrospective power analysis, however, showed that the power of the experiment was only sufficient to detect an 80% change in abundance for 8 of these 18 species which suggests that the lack of a significant change does not mean there is no impact. Only one species showed a significant change in density along logged/unlogged induced edges. This suggests that the amount of induced edge created by timber harvesting is not of major concern. Logging caused great changes in the structure of the vegetation but had little effect on the floristics where site imparts a greater effect. Bird distribution and abundances were more strongly related to the floristics than to the vegetation. However bird/vegetation relationships were a poor predictor of a species response to logging and are of little management value. Ecological investigations showed that the decline of species in logged areas is mainly due to the loss of suitable foraging sites. The loss of suitable nest sites also contributed to the decline in one species. Species that declined after logging also used buffers more after logging than they did before logging. This suggests that buffers may be critical for these species to persist in production forests. "
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